The OM Movement Studio
We are a Welcoming studio that serves as a multi-purpose themed Movement studio available for private and public classes-workshops and events. We are available to the whole community of movers and shakers and not so much movers and shakers (talking about our monthly meditation group). Our basis of communities that utilize our space are: AcroYoga, BelllyDance, Tango, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Burlesque, Meditation and Aerial Arts.....!!! Have we peaked your interest yet?!?!?! Check out our list of classes on our FB page The OM Movement Studio.... Interested in Starting your own class?! Have an Event you are producing?! Need a private or public space with natural hardwood floors, Mirrors and rigging?!?!?! Contact us at: Be well....and may all beings find peace....
Om Movement Studio, Northeast 10th Avenue, Portland, OR, United States

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