Flying Flow Yoga
FlyinflowYoga official site TRUST-CURIOSITY-CONNECTION-COMMUNICATION-PLAYFULNESS-OPENESS-COMPASSION-CHALLENGE-AWERNESS-LOVE-STRENGTH-GRATITUDE-ACCEPTANCE-POWER-COMMUITY-HEALING MISSION: Share yourself through your passion, creating community through play FLYING FLOW YOGA gives you the beauty of AcroYoga, Budokon and Thaimassage. ACROYOGA is an unique system that blends the spiritual wisdom of Yoga with the healing and therapeutic touch of Thaimassge with the dynamic power of acrobatics. This partner practice creates intant community through divine play, challenges trust. This practice is both challenging and easy and not to forget a lot of fun! BUKONONYOGA is a transition based Yoga style that blends the beautiful movements of Martial Arts with Hatha Yoga. While flowing through a sequence of posture we learn about our self love, our self compassion and our inner and outer strength. Your will know your body, your limits and have full controll of your body and self. This practice is physically and mentally challenging and will for sure strengthen both. THAIMASSAGE is the wisdom of healing touch. In Thai massage we use gravity as our levage to give pressure on the tissure in the rhythm of our breath and heart. Thaimassage works with the energylines but most of all its about connection, love and relaxation on an deep healing level. This practice is gentle and therapeutic,for you to enjoy and you will learn to give and recieve with an open heart. FlyingFlowYoga Page FlyingFlowYoga Group

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