Flight School! Arm Balances & Inversions Training
All Levels Class
Taught by Davide Di Censo
LOCATION: Ume Yoga, 1501 Broadway, Oakland, CA TIME: Every Tuesday 7-8pm DESCRIPTION: Flight School is an uniquely-formatted class where you will be able to work on arm balances, inversions, ashtanga jump-throughs, and other strong yoga transitions. In this class, we will work on strengthening the body, refining technique and layering the progressions necessary to master those harder transitions and poses safely. Not the traditional yoga class, Flight School will be akin to a weekly mini-workshop focusing particularly on handstands and core strength for jump-throughs so that you can integrate these tools into your daily practice. Some classes might require partner work. Prior experience in vinyasa yoga is encouraged. IG: @davideyoga FB Group: DavideYoga
Ume Yoga, Broadway, Oakland, CA, United States

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