Tantra in Movement
All Levels Workshop
Taught by Marge, Keyro
Yoga, Acroyoga e Kalarippayat… what is the common denominator among these three disciplines? WHY? The idea of a workshop integrating technical, practical and theoretical aspects of 3 apparently different disciplines was brought by the interest to explore the connection between movement and consciousness and to understand why these disciplines can become tools for personal transformation. By highlighting the basics of the energetic and philosophical concepts embodied by all these 3 disciplines, we intend to provide 3 different paths to approach and understand – through movement – some of the principles defined by Tantra thousands of years ago. Although the New Age movement has allowed this philosophy to be approached by a larger public, it has also distorted its original message. Nowadays, Tantra is often associated to a sexual approach to spirituality, probably because of the symbolic union of Shiva (the male aspect) and Shakti (the female aspect), which actually represents the union of the two polarities existing inside all human beings. One of the meanings of the word “Tantra” is “principles”: Tantra is indeed the common tree from where many branches (disciplines) can grow. Human beings naturally function according to the principles identified by Tantra philosophy and it is not necessary to be particularly flexible or an expert to be able to approach these concepts, but simply to be open to live a personal direct experience through the arts of movement. By offering a mix of different practices, the aim of this weekend is to facilitate the integration and the re-appropriation of these concepts both by beginners and experienced practitioners, trusting that the tools provided will make everyone feel independent in the choice of exercises appropriate to their personal needs. This teaching model opens new opportunities also to those who already practice other disciplines, because it allows to make connections between concepts and their implementation in other arts of movement. WHO? Yoga and Kalari have developed some exercises that allow to work on Nadis (energy lines), Chakras (main energy centres), Prana flow (energy/vital force) and to aim to a physical and spiritual wellbeing. AcroYoga has been codified recently; however, it is as well a discipline based on the concepts of Yoga and Thai massage, as it aims to achieve energetic balance. It does so by introducing partner and community relations, and completes Yogins and Kalari’s practitioners’ inner personal work. We can find bridges among these disciplines also in terms of physical benefits (strength, flexibility, balance, coordination), which are also developed by the understanding of some notions of anatomy. 23/09 ACRO YOGA KALARI – The fusion among 3 complementary disciplines Morning Session 10 – 13 Afternoon Session 15 – 18 24/09 TANTRA – A Tantric reading of the human body Morning Session 10 – 13 Afternoon Session 15 – 18 Maximum 15 people per session. One day workshop (Saturday OR Sunday): 80 Euros Full weekend: 150 Euros To register, write to: marge.and.co@gmail.com or register directly at This Is Life, in Via Roasio 22, Torino
This is Life, Via Roasio, 22, Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

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