Strength Training for Acrobats
All Levels Workshop
Taught by Ariel Mihic
Join Ariel for 90 minutes of strength training geared for acrobats in a private gym space. We'll learn proper technique and some key moves that will help to build back, shoulder, belly, chest, arms, and leg strength! Goals will be learning moves to keep your own body strong through your acrobatic career, and to help with lifting other bodies as well! We have access to a private gym (5 Stones Training) where I do my weekly training. The workout itself will be about 45min, and we'll spend some time discussing proper technique and how moving weights can translate into supporting our own bodies and others. If this workshop is beneficial, we will consider weekly condensed trainings of this type. Pre-reqs: none! $30, non-refundable Tickets via or VENMO @arielmihic
191 Moulton St, San Francisco, CA, United States

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