FemPower Acro Fest 2018
All Levels Festival
Taught by Ariel Mihic, Liz Williams, et al
SAVE THE DATE! WHEN: April 6-8 2018 WHERE: Portland, Oregon WHAT: FemPower Acro Fest 2018 VENUE: Dynasty Ford Cheer, 12826 NE Airport Way A celebration of the diversity of badass, inspiring, powerful & empowered women in Acro. WHO IS THIS FESTIVAL FOR? If you identify as female - this event is for you! Transwomen and gender non conforming folks are welcomed. ACRO! Acro classes with beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced options. Teachers will come from the Partner Acrobatics, Acro Revolution, Acroyoga Montreal, Acroyoga Montreal, Yogaslacker traditions. DIALOGUES Facilitated dialogues on deep and meaningful topics related to social justice and incllusion in Acro. INVESTMENT: Details coming soon! SCHEDULE Friday April 14 2017 5pm-10pm Saturday April 15 2017 9am-10pm Sunday April 16 2017 9am-6pm
Portland, OR

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