Intermediate Daylong Acro Intensive: Noteworthy November!
Intermediate Workshop
Taught by Ariel Mihic, Liz Williams of Precision Acrobatics
Join Ariel and Liz for an Intermediate Daylong Intensive! Have you learned a handful of acrobatic poses but aren't sure how to connect them? Want some dedicated time to refine and finesse the skills you've played with at a jam? Ready to up-level your long flows and develop stamina and ease? If so, join us for this Intermediate Acro daylong adventure! Skills that may or may not be covered ;) Each daylong will be different and new! >Skills review session to refine basic acro poses and transitions >Our favorite drills >Slackro, drawing from our lineage with YogaSlackers >Oddities from our time training with the Dutchies over the past 7 years >Handstand training techniques >Flow >Creative process giving thanks to our love of AY Montreal Pre-reqs: Star, reverse star, Side star, Shoulderstand, Throne, Front Plank, back plank hold; 30s handstand at the wall Date/time: Sunday, 11/12, 9:30am-2:30pm (30min snack break) $75, non refundable Registration via or VENMO @ArielMihic
Zaccho Dance Theatre

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