Friday Night Acro Jam at UFC Gym Sunnyvale
All Levels Jam
Cost: $7 All levels Weekly AcroYoga jam. Padded floors, walls and lots of crash mats and blocks to play with. The UFC gym in Sunnyvale has a great space for us play on Friday nights. Details: Fridays 8pm - whenever you all go home! SPECIAL NOTE: We are allowed to arrive at 7:30 but we can't have the blue padded room until 8pm so plan accordingly. Cost: $7 Weekly FB Event: Friday Night Acro Jam at UFC Gym Sunnyvale mm/dd/yy RULES for UFC Gym: 1. We have a awesome special deal with the gym so PLEASE be respectful of the space, 2. Keep the mats as germ-free as possible. * wear shoes when you leave the blue mats, esp for bathroom or locker rooms * Wipe your feet if you are walking around off the blue mat without shoes. 3. No food or drinks on the blue mats. Water bottles OK. 4. No bags or coats on the blue mats; phones OK. 5. JAMs- Play safe with spotters. Your safety and fun are your responsibility.** **Please feel free to talk to the Jam-bassadors if you have concerns.
UFC GYM Sunnyvale, South Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale, CA, United States

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