FemPower Acro Pre-Divine Play Day Long
All Levels Workshop
Taught by Danya Xena
More Details coming soon! REGISTRATION: https://shop.acroyoga.org/products/fempower-acro-day-long FemPower Acro is a celebration of female-identified practitioners, teachers, and innovators in AcroYoga and Acro sports. This special event, spearheaded and designed by Danya Xena will host both acro as well as discussion and dialogue. FemPower Acro is an opportunity for us to discuss the opportunities and challenges for women in the AcroYoga and Acro sports communities. We will explore how Acro and AcroYoga perpetuates and simultaneously dismantles gender stereotypes, and how these practices can celebrate women’s strength, and challenge societal expectations. This event is intended for female-identified practitioners, transwomen and gender non conforming folks. To the greater community (and male-identified practitioners) thank you for honoring this special event by supporting this intention.
Oregon Convention Center

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