Casey Stroud
Before I found my yoga practice I was lost and confused. Graduating from an intense Art College, I was numb to life until one day i just decided to start doing yoga. I was young, stiff and awkward. I remember seeing women twice my age who could touch their toes and i was left hanging. I kept going every day, twice a day, my physical body started to transform. Before I knew it I could touch my toes, and then i realized the most important lesson of my life: 'No matter how smart you are, you can always learn.' I had heard this quote before from a surf video I used to watch on repeat. It stuck with me for years and when I found yoga it became physically real. I fell in love with feeling yoga's simplicity of practice, physical and mental awareness, and decided to dive deeper. I completed my first teacher training (RYT 200) within a year of starting my practice. I was excited to share the stoke with everyone in my life and even more excited to continue learning. I started this practice as a beginner and advanced because of dedicated practice. My teaching style is fun, playful, challenging and encouraging. I am an ERYT 200, certified AcroYoga teacher, Thai Massage therapist, rock climber, surfer, artist, dog lover, and human being. I teach from what I have learned on this journey and hope that you find a similar stoke and expansive learning in the practice of life. #AY
Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA, United States

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