Sarah Rose Yovovich
Doing AcroYoga makes me feel exquisitely connected and boundlessly grateful for embodiment, silliness, and love. I delight in the giddiness of sharing this practice with other playmates. In 2003, I had re-constructive knee surgery, which transformed me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This painful experience birthed in me a deep passion for healing and cultivating loving kindness toward the body. I thrive by finding ways to be challenged, playful, and silly, while still being deeply gentle. To me, AcroYoga is particularly joyful as a mode for simultaneous healing and play. I am also a committed teacher; I learn most deeply by teaching, and I love to learn — so I teach a lot. I was a gymnast for 18 years. That path concluded with my knee injury and surgery. Since then, I’ve spent 10 years as a massage therapist, and a student of hatha yoga. My first yoga love was Anusara. More recently, I’ve fallen hard for the deep resonance of Shadow yoga. In all of my practices, I find the breath to be the greatest source of healing wisdom. I am delighted to call beautiful Los Angeles my home, and to see our community grow and flourish. #AY Offerings: Thai Tuesdays: *AcroYoga Thai & Fly* 7:30pm - 9pm with Sarah V & Sarah Y @ The Love Dome, 200 S Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 Wanderlust -- Squaw Valley with Sarah Vosen July 17-20 Soak & Soar: AcroYoga Retreat and Yoga Therapeutics Training with Daniel Scott August 1-7 AcroYoga Sequoia! A Backpacking Adventure August 9-18 AcroYoga Lunar Immersion with Sarah Vosen and Bonnie Argo August 23-28 Santa Monica, CA
Topanga, CA, United States

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